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Thursday, November 1, 2012

T-Minus 5 Days to Get Out the Student Vote!

Pictured: Dizzy students completing Augsburg College's 'Augstacle Course' to highlight the hurdles to voting. At the start, they were given a card for who they were (i.e. college student, home owners, seniors, and military) and their 'hurdles' varied from easy to hard depending on that voter's journey to Election Day if the voter restriction amendment passed in Minnesota. 

Augsburg MPIRG students have been registering their fellow Auggies to vote and pledging them to vote No all semester, but when the registration deadline rolled around, they decided to pull out all the stops. With three tables across campus - all day - they reg'ed and pledged over 200 Augsburg students!

This Halloween, Auggies hula hooped, bat spun, egg-walked and made paper airplanes to learn more about all the obstacles that the Voter Restriction amendment would place between Minnesotans and their ballot. AugsPIRG held an "Augstacle Course" (Get it? Obstacle? Augsburg? You get it...) to spread the word about how the amendment would make it harder for rural Minnesotans, military voters and students to vote in upcoming elections.

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