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Friday, May 10, 2013

Health Care Fridays: Final Thoughts

I am Mary Einspahr, HECUA intern for MPIRG this semester and University of Minnesota- Twin Cities chapter member focusing on health care. I care about this issue because I believe that healthcare is a human right.

The Minnesota Health Plan is a single payer healthcare reform bill for our state that would cover 100% of Minnesotans. Single payer is health care in which all payments are under one health plan rather than over 250 for-profit insurance companies. There are many myths about single payer. For those past several weeks I have dispelled the myths of single payer for you.

Now lets sound off my favorites features of single payer.

10. Current private insurance workers will not lose their jobs. They will be retrained to work for the government entity, which will need qualified health care administrators.

9. Single payer will eliminate the administration costs charged by greedy insurance companies, which account for 31% of every dollar spent on health care. Money saved will be used to cover the uninsured and underinsured.

8. You will likely pay less in taxes to pay for universal single payer.

7. There will be no more bills, deductibles, or co-pays.

6. Premiums on individuals and businesses will be based on ability to pay.

5. The government and health care insurance companies will not make medical decisions. This will be left to doctors and hospitals.

4. For most people single payer will cost less than the insurance they have now.

3. The ability to have insurance will no longer be tied to employment.

2. Single payer creates patient choice. Under the Minnesota Health Plan you can go to any hospital and see any doctor in the country.

1. Single payer will cover 100% of Minnesotans on all necessary treatment.

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